Questionnaire of the 2018 annual compliance survey

When registering, companies commit to participate in an annual survey. The survey consists of a simple web-based questionnaire, which is conducted by an external service provider, ensuring the anonymity and confidentially of the data. 

The annual survey enables the Governance Group to assess the functioning of the system, its impact and effectiveness. It is also a means to receive feedback from registered companies on their experience with the Initiative and identify ways of improving it. The findings of the survey will be made available in the annual report of the SCI in Q1 2019. 

Companies participate in the survey for each of the countries where they operate. 

The surveywill be open from 3 September to 19 October 2018.

Registered companies are encouraged to start collecting the required data within their organisation before the online survey opens. To faciliate this, please find below a word version of the survey in English. All other languages are available as PDF documents. 



For any questions on the Principles of Good Practice or past activities of the SCI, please contact the organisations.