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As a further encouragement to micro and small enterprises [1] to join the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI), the Governance Group has decided to further simplify the procedure for their registration. Since 1st September, micro and small enterprises only need to register to show their commitment to the initiative and the principles; they are no longer asked to conduct a preliminary self-assessment, to appoint an independent contact point to deal with complaints or to carry out training. Moreover, they are invited to take part in the survey but this is no longer compulsory.


Press release – The Supply Chain Initiative reaches 1.000 registrations at national level.


The SCI One year on Even took place on 20 January 2015. Here is an insight of what happened on that day.


14 months after its launch on 16 September 2013, the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) is proud to publish its first annual report providing a comprehensive overview of what it has achieved in its first year of operations. It includes the results of an independent survey that gives added insight into the functioning of the SCI.

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The Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) publishes today its first Annual Report on the occasion of a conference held at the European Parliament.

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